g The Truth About Toll Brothers

The Truth About Toll Brothers

Friday, June 01, 2007


Please post a comment here summarizing/highlighting your experience if Toll Brother's misrepresented material facts and/or omitted material facts, especially regarding your lot or the land surrounding your home. Please post a comment here if you were provided false and misleading advertising. Please also e-mail me with more specifics as I am gathering data to send along to the Attorney General, the FTC or anyone who will listen.

Remember to speak the truth only. At a minimum, please indicate the Toll Community along with the City and State in which you reside.

Please post comments and complaints related to Toll construction issues and defects on a separate post located at the end of this blog.


  • Toll Brother came into the State of Ohio; boasted of being a National Company; traded on the NY Stock Exchange, yada, yada. We bought into a development that was to have 116 homes. Sixteen homes were complete when we moved in---and, Toll Brothers left town without so much as a note pinned to our mailboxes saying "See ya". We have alot of cracking sidewalks, most of us are surrounded by unfinished mud lots, leaking plumbing, leaking roofs, closet shelves/bars that are falling off of the walls. Would not recommend anyone buying from Toll Brothers. They act high and mighty, but that is all it is -- an act.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/25/2006 3:30 PM  

  • 4 years ago, I walked into a Michigan Toll sales office shortly after its grand opening. My husband and I wanted, more than anything else, a lot with a private backyard. I was intrigued by Lot 17, but apprehensive of its high price. $65,000. Of course, I inquired.

    I asked pointblank about the land behind Lot 17. I was told, repeatedly, that nothing would be built behind this lot – no development at all - ever. I was shown erroneous brochures. I was shown an erroneous Master Deed. I was shown an erroneous Final Site Plan (and, trust me, I know what “preliminary” means and I know what “final” means). And I was shown the full-color version of the erroneous Site Plan posted prominently in the sales office.

    I spent some time investigating. I went to the City to verify that the data in the Master Deed and on the Final Site Plan was correct. Sure enough, all of Toll’s plans were laid out just as they said. No development behind my lot or the adjacent lots. And, according to the laws of the State of Michigan, these documents had to be accurate. Otherwise, my rights could surely be violated and the seller would be in direct violation of the Michigan Consumer Protection Act, the Michigan Condominium Act and the Local Ordinances of the City. The legal requirement was on Toll to tell the truth, to disclose the information. Every time they handed me a document, every time they opened their mouths.

    Well, here I sit, 4 years later, looking out to cheap condominiums. No privacy here. I lost my rights and my $65,000. I turned to Toll, then the City, then the legal system. There was no justice to be found. Just a lot of people running and hiding behind Arbitration clauses, Integration clauses, anything but the truth.

    Be warned. "Greed" may be headquartered in Horsham, Pennsylvania, but it's clearly working overtime in Michigan.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/29/2006 4:41 PM  

  • We all have problems with Toll Brothers and I was hoping to put our efforts together and maybe find enough people for class action against that giant who manage to get away with the accountability for ruing peoples lives all over the country.
    Our house is left with building codes violation after warranty work and now we are pressured by local building inspectors to let Toll correct the problems and if we will not they will dump the responsibility on us. We can’t let them back in. They manage to damage the house enough already during warranty work and we don’t feel like we even own this house because they make rules for us except that they don’t pay our mortgage.
    We made first complaint to FTC and I would like everybody to do the same. FTC will investigate if they get enough complaint about the same thing. The extent to which an ad represents a pattern of deception rather than an isolated occurrence. The FTC is authorized to act when it appears that a company's advertising is deceptive and when FTC action is in the public interest. Although the FTC cannot intervene in an individual dispute between a consumer and a company, the agency relies on many sources -- including complaints from consumers -- to find out about ads that may be deceptive.

    Please let me know who would be interested so we all could get the justice we deserve. It is time for pay back!
    Please send all correspondence to TollBrothers_Victim@Yahoo.com

    Liz D.

    By Blogger Liz, at 9/02/2006 1:12 AM  

  • We recently were enticed to attend Toll Advantage Days. We asked about a lot that had not yet sold in an area with mostly finished homes surrounding it. We were told that they simply "forgot" about that lot and were eager to have someone build there so that Toll could finish that section of the neighborhood. A week earlier we were told we could get the lot for $8,000, then $10,000 and by the next day it was $25,000 premium. $25,000 for a lot that was not premium, that obviously no one else wanted! We got our deposit back.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/21/2006 1:52 PM  

  • Wake up people. There are millions of satiffied Tollbrothers homeowners and unfortunately just a few dissatified people like yourself. No company and no builder is perfect. Toll builds a beautiful home and I am living proof of that. I have never been so thrilled or so proud! I am sorry some of you are bitter. Some have true fair issues, others are just not educated buyers and have learned valuable lessons the hard way. rule number one.. have everything in writing and do not rely on someones word. People can be dishonest and uninformed. That is why you ask for it in writing so that you have substantial proof. Stop blaiming the builder for your own mistakes!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/29/2006 10:17 AM  

  • I am happy that you have a beautiful home and that you are proud.

    As to your comment, and I can only speak for myself. I am an educated buyer. There was nothing I could do to prevent being taken for $70,500. Evidence in writing includes the Master Deed and the stamped and recorded FINAL Site Plan. These documents were wholly integrated into my contract as defined by Michigan Law. Toll reneged on these contractual obligations. Are you suggesting that the buyer who gets screwed deserves it?

    By Blogger truth be tolled, at 9/29/2006 10:25 AM  

  • To the HAPPY Toll homeowner who accused others of not being EDUCATED buyers, you misspelled satiffied, dissatified and blaiming. Its obvious you did not read or comprehend the contents of this blog.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/02/2006 10:40 PM  

  • I have had many problems with Toll Brothers in all phases of construction in a Florida project named AVIANO. Shoddy construction,poor workmanship and I have been outright lied to on several occasions. I have been forced to go to arbitration and many home owners are considering a class action lawsuit against Toll Bros. They have had gone through four project managers since the beginning of the project and are 15-18 months behind schedule. Their attitude is to slap up the houses and JAM them in to the owners. They are building a new project called Firano. I highly recomend buyers to steer clear. I have spent an average of five stessful hours a week for 20 months managing this project and the house still sucks!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/16/2006 2:53 PM  

    If you like to make a complaint below are the appropiate Florida authority to send your complaints.
    Attorney General has a power to file a lawsuit on individual cases but I think will be more powerful if they receive more than couple complaints.

    Attached link explains how Florida's attorney general may help. I believe that attorney general in different states has the same power.
    Link for complaint

    Federal Trade Commission.
    Federal Trade Commission number 1-877-382-4357

    link for complaint

    The Commission is empowered to take action against unfair, deceptive, misleading, or false advertisements. Under the Federal Trade Commission Act, advertising must be truthful and non-deceptive, advertisers must have evidence to back up their claims, and advertisements cannot be unfair. The Commission does not have legal authority to challenge advertisements that consumers may find distasteful or offensive. In determining whether FTC action is warranted, the agency evaluates complaints about advertising on the basis of several factors. Those factors include:
    The amount of injury -- to consumers' health, safety, or wallets -- that could result if consumers rely on the deceptive claim.

    The extent to which an ad represents a pattern of deception rather than an isolated occurrence. The FTC is authorized to act when it appears that a company's advertising is deceptive and when FTC action is in the public interest. Although the FTC cannot intervene in an individual dispute between a consumer and a company, the agency relies on many sources -- including complaints from consumers -- to find out about ads that may be deceptive.
    I believe that FTC take all complaints not just for deceptive marketing. In recent case against KB Homes they played big role forcing that builder to remove arbitration clauses from their agreements and warranty.
    Click on the link to read the story about KB Homes class lawsuit

    Information about complaint to Florida Department Of Business and Professional Regulations. Other states may have different departments who regulate licenses for construction. This department can suspend or even revoke the license!!!


    Complaint form for DBPR


    There is one more source.
    To be able to seek compensation from the Construction Industry Recovery Fund a complaint must be filed first with Construction Industry Licensing Board (850-487-1395) and Department of Business and Professional Regulation.
    This fund is a last resort. A person may be eligible for reimbursement if suffered monetary loss due to certain acts of contractor licensed under Chapter 489, Part 1,s. 489.105(3)(a)-(c), Florida Statues.

    Best Reagrds,

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/20/2006 8:51 PM  

  • This is a link to find Attorney General in any state. http://www.naag.org

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/20/2006 9:10 PM  

  • It is amazing how the business practices of Toll Brothers across the country mirror what I experienced in Mesa AZ. Because of this, I do believe it is a process that has the following steps:

    a) Induce buyer to make deposit with incomplete and inaccurate info.
    b) Make sure deposit increase in non-refunable
    c) After receipt of deposit increase, provide buyer with contract that has Toll Brothers covered and signs away your rights.
    d) Once under contract, forget any promises by the sale team and do not put anything in writing regarding puchlist, deficiencies etc. Reassure buyer that you are dealing with Toll Brothers; written assurances are not needed.
    e) Close quickly.
    f) If customer complains, tell them Toll Brothers has more lawyers than they do and will bankrupt the buyer with litigation; hope they go away.

    Scott Coleman (VP at Toll in Phoenix) told both homeowners and the HOA, they have more more legal resources (per f) and that homeowners really do not have a recourse. If they want anything from him, they need to keep quiet.

    The only way I can see to go after Toll is to use the media. I know that 60 minutes did a story that included Bob Toll showing off his product, I think it would be a great idea to contact 60 minutes with homeowners across the country to talk about their Toll Brother's experience. Frankly, given how many people across the country have a similar experience, it is hard to believe that Bob Toll is not aware of it.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/13/2006 6:09 PM  

  • I was a Project Manager for Toll in Las Vegas, and found it incredible about the whole lot premuims and how the cost were arrived among other things. The division V.P. Gary (only one President Bob Toll) was a self serving person who used the project managers meetings on monday nights to come up with price increases out of the air of $5,000 to $15,000. The lot premuims as explained over and over was a way to recover cost as all the lots had a premuim price and this was a to make the consumer feel like they were getting a more Toll prestige lot. These premuims even on normal small everyday lots were part of the scam of Toll money making of finding the lowest bidder in sub contractors or subs that did free bees for Gary and charging high end option cost basically set by the Project Manager after Chris and then Gary's approval. The time I spent at Toll was the most eye opening experience in dishonesty and non-professionalism in construction. Since this time the sales in Vegas have crashed as I explained they would over and over to Dean, Chris, and Gary and now look at the quick deliveries in Nevada. The money scheme has come back to bite them in Las Vegas as I predicted.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/15/2006 10:55 PM  

  • My wife and I contracted a home from toll brothers, the developement is called Tuscany and located in Saint Augustine Shores, Florida.

    Not being from around here, we were unaware that a aluminum hydro plant was on the other side of the wooded density. Night after night noise from trucks backing up, black soot on the windshields of our cars.

    When this became a noise and pollutant issue Toll brothers salespeople stated they advised all prospect home buyers of the hydro plant...LIE

    To add insult to injury they allowed a group home of no more then 5 at risk children to be housed next door with paid shift workers overseeing the children.
    I wont get into the abuse we have endured from these foul mouth children.

    This developement and group home was allowed by a county commissioner who has since been voted out of office because of big money in his campaign chest from developers including Toll brothers!


    By Anonymous Harry, at 11/18/2006 10:50 PM  

  • Isn't about time for us to get all together and do something. I am wondering how many of Floridians filed complaints with Attorney General and Florida Department of Business and Professioinal Regulations? Buyers in other states should do just the same. I just got off the phone with Attorney General office and they said they need more complaints about Toll to be able to start investigation. So far they have complaint from us only which give them no right to go after Toll Brothers.
    Please contact me if you'll like. Maybe we all can help each other and instead just complaining actually do something.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/28/2006 8:21 PM  

  • We recently closed on our Toll Bros. home in Colorado, paying a hefty lot premium. We had issues with the quality of construction from time to time, and we had a few heated discussions with the project manager. However, I don’t think those things are unique to Toll Brothers. I suspect customers of other home builders also have similar problems.

    There is no question that the contract Toll Brothers uses is weighed heavily in favor of the builder.

    There’s the arbitration clause – pretty common, by the way. There’s the buyer’s “due diligence” requirement – also pretty common – and commonly ignored by most home buyers. There’s the builder’s right to not complete construction while the buyer has no right to cancel or to force Toll to complete construction. There’s the builder’s right to change the home design in its sole discretion. And of course there’s the clause that says any verbal promises by the builder or its representatives are unenforceable – a very common and often ignored contract term. The Toll Brothers contract does effectively eliminate or alter many rights the buyer would otherwise enjoy under the law.

    However, after reading that horrible, overbearing contract we decided to “take a risk” and sign it anyway because we loved the home’s location and we accepted, albeit grudgingly, the terms of the contract.

    Honestly, people should be expected to read a contract before they sign it, and to make sure they understand all its implications – especially the negative implications.

    If you don’t understand every word of the Toll contract then get a lawyer to review it and explain it to you before you sign. This is common sense and should be part of every home buyer’s due diligence before signing. Of course, most people don’t do that because it is time consuming and sometimes expensive.

    If the contract says you shouldn’t trust the verbal promises of the Toll sales staff, then don’t trust them. If you think the “lot premium” is too high, then refuse to pay it and walk away.

    I’m not trying to defend Toll Brothers here. I found some of their practices to be too overbearing and I wouldn’t recommend them to a friend for that reason. But I have little pity for people who sign a construction contract expressly waiving their rights but who complain later when things don’t go smoothly and they “suddenly” discover they really are legally bound by the contract they signed.

    My advice would be to read the contract carefully and WALK AWAY if you aren’t willing to live with the unfavorable aspects of it. Understand what you are getting into. Give the contract much more than a quick once-over reading. Ignore the rosy picture of your dream home that you have in your mind and look at the risks and the down-side before you sign.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/01/2006 11:06 AM  

  • I agree that contracts should be reviewed in their entirety and that the Buyer should know what he or she is getting themselves into. HOWEVER, A CAREFULLY DRAFTED CONTRACT IS NOT A LICENCE TO DEFRAUD BUYERS.

    In my case and others, Toll's actions were ILLEGAL. No contract can supercede the law. No contract can circumvent the law. Yet, Toll gets away with it because they can. A Buyer should not have to deal with the consequences when the Seller acts in bad faith. A Buyer should have some form of remedy available when the Seller renegs on their contractual obligations.

    Toll knows that the Buyer can be worn down mentally and financially. It is too costly to enforce the contract, too costly to seek a remedy and too costly to seek justice. As a result, the Buyer endures hardship and the Seller conjures up new scams to rake in more and more profits.

    By Blogger truth be tolled, at 12/01/2006 2:27 PM  

  • Just like Bob Toll would want, you are arguing over the nitty-gritty in the contract. The real problem here isn't the contract, it's the "bait and switch" tactic that is the mainstay of Toll's business. A buyer wouldn't even enter into a Toll contract to begin with if they knew they weren't being told the truth.

    Whether they are dealing with a municipality or a prospective homebuyer, Toll should be compelled (legally, morally AND ethically) to always tell the truth. But, they don't. This has been documented tirelessly. Instead, they've designed their contracts as tools for cleaning up their propaganda and deceit. And why not? It increases their bottom line.

    And what about the "happy Toll customers"? Well, if Toll lied to everyone, their party would be over. But, because they defraud just enough customers to clear their profit margin and stay under the radar, they've succeeded. Temporarily. Eventually, the legally-acceptable homebuilding standards will change.

    Yes, homebuyer, read your contract and understand it. BUT, Bob Toll, if you market and sell "a private backyard", deliver "a private backyard". Shame on you. You and your business should be held to the same code of ethics that the rest of us are held to in our professions.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/03/2006 7:49 AM  

  • Toll has been in our lives since 2003 when we built a home in Michigan. It has now cost us an additional $30,000 in lawyer and expert fees to get Toll to honor their own warranty. We have learned they have no scruples and will lie to anyone and use stalling tactics in order to cost the "little guy" more money in hopes they will run out of money and go away. We have about $70,000 in repairs covered by their own warranty but they have refused to fix the items. We did all the things Toll required of us to have the warranty items repaired--paperwork was in on time, etc. They just refused to do it--period.

    We are in the middle of a mess and will go to mediation again next week. Arbitration is set up and we may sue for fraud after this is all said and done. The State of Michigan just issued a formal complaint against Toll after 2 years of waiting.

    Our complex has a $1,000,000 lawsuit against Toll because of bad concrete work on our roads and driveways.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/05/2007 3:38 PM  

  • Michigan Toll Homeowner since 2003, Please e-mail me so we can chat.


    By Blogger truth be tolled, at 2/07/2007 2:01 PM  

  • We built and closed on a home in the Southeast US and while it took much longer than we planned and had a few major issues, Toll worked with us and we are satisfied and would purchase another Toll home no problem. This was the first home we ever built, so I don't know how much of what happened to us is typical, but when we noticed a MAJOR MAJOR design problem once construction was underway (it didn't look like the artists renderings in our sales contract) they
    1) said it was supposed to be that way
    2) when I called BS they proposed several alternative solutions and let us pick the one we preferred

    In the end we got a prettier house than we bought, although I wish we had not had the stress of the design problem. Overall everything worked out and we are pleased, although how we'll ever afford this house now is beyond me. It's already appreciated $70,000 in about 15 months, and our market isn't even that hot.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/26/2007 3:36 PM  

  • Please contact me if you have had any problems with Toll Brothers, AZ., Specifically Aviano @Desert Ridge. I'm looking for consumers who were lied to about Deer Valley Road and Black Mountain Parkway. Toll knew about the residential roads begin expanded to six lane arterial roadways, and then had their CR lie to buyers about the the expansion, which they knew about and deny. (I have plans that were issued in 2001 showing the expansion and were made to Edmunds Toll) I'm also looking for buyers or consumers that have had construction problems, decided to cancel and want their earnest money back.

    By Blogger Bunny, at 5/11/2007 4:35 PM  

  • Bunny,

    Please e-mail me at Tolltruth@gmail.com.

    By Blogger truth be tolled, at 6/08/2007 9:50 AM  

  • About 4 years ago my Family purchased a Model Home from Toll Brothers, in Gilbert Arizona. The 6800 Sq. ft. Maridor . We have had a lot of problems with the home consisting of construction problems and other problems that have come about. We have had a list 3 pages long for 4 years of things that Toll needs to fix in our home. We were told that all we needed to do was let them know what we needed done and they would help. About 2 years ago after faxing and mailing and calling about our 108 problems needing fixed, Toll sent a handyman who dealt with grout to fix our 3300 square foot slate tile floor that has thousands of cracks, and problems. The man worked for 1/2 hour and said he had no idea that this was going to be a problem that would need an entire crew, he would have to reschedule with a twelve man team. We never heard from him again!!!!

    We have faxed and mailed Toll continuously for 4 years, and nothing has been done.

    Water leaking problems
    Foundation problems
    Basically all appliances, and furniture, extras included in model where fakes...
    Including a video security system with main components removed.
    All electrical included in sale - not one was hooked up or even wired.
    Slate floor was sealed around furniture, rugs, and plants.
    They tried a week before we moved in to replace some tiles that had been damaged by a fountain, and could not find a match and left without saying or sealing anything.

    I could go on and on, and have pictures to back it all up.
    We live in Arizona and have major scorpion problems, due to our house not being sealed well. You can stick two fingers underneath our ($6000) glass front entry doors! In the summer because of wetness in our walls we have 2 months of uncontrollable springtails that produce in the millions, driving the kids in our room because the problem resides only on one side of the house.
    For only being 5 years old the stairs should not be seperating from the walls, and cracks in every room of the 6800 SQF all over the walls and baseboards seperating by inches from the walls!

    Sorry to waste any time but thought maybe some of my info could help or maybe you could give some advice for me of what to do, besides move!! Thanks for letting me vent,

    Pictures: (May I remind you this house has only been lived in for four years.

    Nails coming out of entry way wall.

    Walls cracking around stairway, and separating.

    Corner of Master shower, deteriorated.

    Baseboard coming apart from wall.

    Jacuzzi tub cracking, also tub was installed with pipes running wrong way, drainage does not occur, and have never been able to use the jets, also they grout the slate stone around permanently, so major work would have to be done just to get to the mechanical parts of the tub.

    In the Model before we moved in a fountain caused the floor to be extensively damaged (in corner where plant is). They replaced the floor, with what they said was matching tile!!!!!

    , - The kitchen stove cover was raised up and not set correctly to stovetop.----
    -You can easily see the gap, in home tour there was a huge plant hiding this feature!

    We complained most windows were not shutting and locking, so they sent out a guy – who instead of fixing the problem, took the window lock out to his truck and filed the lock to fit!!! You can see the unpainted part of lock!!

    The house has 3,000 Sqr. Feet of Slate stone, Toll sealed the floor, but failed to seal under rugs, pots, washers, dryers, anything heavy!!

    Please let me know of anything we can persue with you and others, in an obvious problem with a MAJOR HOME BUILDER!
    Gilbert Arizona

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/26/2007 1:09 AM  

  • I think you all are not pursuing the correct legal strategy when encountering "bait and switch" tactics which appear to be a national selling strategy for Toll Brothers. There is federal law that governs bait and switch activities. It is the federal "Deceptive Practices Act" and can be pursued outside of individual arbitration at the homeowner/state law level. Because you are not litigating your individual contract, you are litigating Toll's behavior and violation of federal law. Because cases under federal law proceed in federal court, all of Toll's national deceptive practices can be admitted into evidence. Their alleged violations can be prosecuted on a national level. I suggest you all google the new class action case against TBI for violations of the federal RESPA laws and see if the plantiff's attornies in that case will add a federal Deceptive Practices Act count. You cannot sign away your legal rights granted by federal and state law in a contract. However, your local Michigan attorney can use the wrong legal strategy and make the wrong arguements. There is quite a difference arguing the sales contract language in local District Court (you will never win against Toll) and arguing violation of the Federal Deceptive Pracitces Act in federal court. Seems like the bait and switch is a violation on it's face. Good luck....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/03/2007 5:35 PM  

  • Toll has a history of using unqualified sub-contractors on their homes, from roofers to finishers to electricians to plumbers in the Northern Virginia area. With my Toll home, I have had extensive problems with the lower AC unit from initial installation in 2000 up until today. With extensive documentation to show Toll on-site reps and the "sub" heating/AC company (FALCON), they refused to come out and figure out the issue; which is clearly a leak in the system. FALCON HVAC company is unreliable and hires unqualified technicians. However, Toll is responsible because they hired a plumber (KLIPP) to originally install this unit; here is a clue - you don't hire plumbers to install AC units. BEWARE of Toll construction methods and the subs they hire - they go the cheapest route.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/31/2007 7:17 PM  

  • We put a deposit on a new Toll Brother’s home in the Dominion Valley Country Club in Haymarket, VA in Oct ’05 and could not close on the loan because our insurance company told us they would not insure us because the house was contaminated with mold. Our daughter suffers from asthma & has great difficulties due to mold allergies so we could not allow our children to occupy the house unless it was fully remediated.

    Here’s how the problem unfolded, during the month of June-July ’06 Toll Brother’s left the LAM beams & wood that they used to build the house in the rain. During this time—Haymarket received the highest rainfall recorded in over 100 years. Much of the wood was left in the mud & puddles without protective covering. We contacted Toll Brother’s in person & wrote to ask them to replace the wood that was left out in the rain. They told us that the wood was fine & proceeded to build the house with the contaminated wood.

    After we walked through the house we noticed that several of the LAM beams were seriously delaminated due to the fact that the wood was left out in the most torrential rain in 100 years. There were also bugs crawling out of the lam beams.
    Our inspector was not able to complete his inspection before they drywalled over the mess. We brought another inspector to inspect the house & he found serious mold contamination in the attic as well as many other defects. We had an expert in mold contamination run tests on the house, While he was collecting samples—the Toll Brother’s construction manager told him to leave. Luckily he was able to get enough of a sample & he confirmed mold contamination when the samples were examined back in his lab. The mold expert advised us that the house should be properly remediated in the attic & behind the dry wall & hidden areas. We complained in person & in writing to the Toll Brother’s DVCC Construction Director & advised them that we expected the home to be COMPLETELY remediated.
    We advised Toll Brother’s that we could not close on a home that we could not get insurance for. We were also concerned that if we were ever to sell the house – we would be required to disclose the mold issue & we could not in good faith purchase a home that we would pose health risks, financial & legal liabilities.

    After sending several letters to Toll Brothers requesting our deposit back—they would still not return our deposit of $78K & they also told us we had to pay an additional $40K. In the early 2007 timeframe, Toll Brother’s sold the house & I’d be interested to find out if they disclosed to the new owners that the house was contaminated with mold?

    Please advise if you had problems with a home in the Dominion Valley Country Club - Haymarket, VA Toll Brother's development.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/01/2007 12:11 AM  

  • I will come back soon and post my full story regarding Toll Brothers Florida, but unforunately it is still on-going so I cannot post about it completely.

    Toll Brothers is blatantly violating the State of Florida Natural Hazards Disclosure Law by not telling home owners that they are building homes in a Zone A flood zone as officially designated by FEMA. You do not find out that your home is in a flood zone until you try to get insurance right before closing (long after you have signed the contract). Then Toll threatens to turn you over to their legal department if you want to delay closing until the flood zoning is assessed again. Toll does not seem to believe they are subject to the same laws as everyone else, and why should they be when they can just have their legal department bully consumers into doing whatever they demand under threat of expensive, drawn out court cases?

    I will come back and let you all know if they get away with it.

    In the meantime, I thought you all might enjoy some lite reading? The official Toll Brothers, Inc. Code of Ethics and Business Conduct from their own website:


    See how much of this your Toll Brothers rep has violated!

    I will be back!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/04/2007 10:21 PM  

  • Please email me if you have a Terraza with a basement in the state of Arizona. And you are showing any signs that the walls interior or exterior are craking, floor tiles poping, windows or doors not closeing. - croisdale1@cox.net

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/26/2007 12:29 AM  

  • Attention future buyers
    Toll Brothers model homes are built by the same subcontractor who will eventually build your home! Look closely at details and you’ll be surprise to find: bowed walls; tilted electric plugs and light switches (sometimes installed upside down); use of different type of door casing downstairs than upstairs; marble joints not seamlessly finished; lights not strategically placed (off center etc.); poor quality of flooring installation (tiles, wood floors); door frames, door casings and floor moldings cut too short (gaps heavily filed with grout or caulk). Another Toll trick - all doors are removed and stored usually in the garage to hide the quality of the doors and also design defects – some models have light switches right behind the French doors (hardly accessible), most off upstairs bathrooms feature 2 sets of doors which open to tiny bathtub area (just imagine the space with installed doors).
    Don’t let them deceive you and ask questions!
    Claimed Toll Brothers Awards:
    “America’s Best Builder”- how many times they won this award and when?
    “National Builder of the Year” – what year? Where they lucky and won once or more times?
    “National Housing Quality Award”-when and how many times they’ve actually got this award?
    “Public company listed on the New York Stock Exchange with over 6.3 billion in assets” – I am wonder how they would respond to the question about class action lawsuit filed against Toll for violation of the federal RESPA laws.

    Good luck and most importantly OPEN YOUR EYES!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/02/2007 12:45 PM  

  • I have a Toll Home in Brentwood TN, (Brentwood Glen)and have been battling them for five years. They advertised great things and delivered none. They did not abide by local codes which causes several severe defects to my home.
    There were numerous claims and lawsuits filed against Toll.
    You can go to the Tennessee state contractors licensing board where you will find many, many claims. This is one of the reasons why TOll could not renew their license.
    Both Bob Toll and Zvi Barziley were contacted about my home issues and did nothing. They're only concern was getting the home thrown together, hiding defects and cutting cost along the way

    By Anonymous Dis-Satisfied Toll Home owner, at 11/06/2007 5:45 PM  

  • I have been building a Toll Brothers home in the Coastal Oaks at Nocatee, Fl, and it is a nightmare. I have gone thru 4 sales people and 3 project managers. No one returns Phone calls or gives you a straight answer ever. I walk thru the home and all I see is poor workmanship. I will do whatever I can to no get out of this. I was lied to many times and this is backed up by the past Sales people that I have spoken to.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/12/2007 4:27 PM  

  • Welcome to FLORIDA where there is NO custumer protection at all. DBPR will tell you that building code violations are not under jurisdiction of the department and its your civil matter, Attorney General cares to spend the money on investigations of small businesses but wouldn't dare to touch someone like Toll Brothers or any other big builder, Governor doesn't need to talk to you because you already elected him.
    There is a last thing you can do. File lawsuit against Toll if you lucky and did not signed MENDATORY BINDING ARBITRATION!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/13/2007 6:54 PM  

  • I own Toll NIGHTMARE for 2 years. I am looking forward to network with Toll owners in Florida.
    Please email me.

    By Anonymous Liz, at 11/14/2007 7:26 AM  

  • We are having issues with Toll Brothers, Inc at Windgate Ranch, Scottsdale AZ.
    It has been one problem after another since our deposit money became non-refundable. There have been lots of misrepresentations, lies from construction supervisors and now serious CC&R and easement violations. We have been very frustrated and angered by their attitude of being able to do whatever they want because they are a big company with many lawyers.
    I would never advise someone to purchase a Toll property, in fact I would make a point of discouraging anyone from buying from Toll. Our experience with them has been that of misrepresentaion, bullying and being lied to, repeatedly. I am activiely looking for a media outlet to work with to tell our story. I think the general public needs to know the truth as to the manner in which Toll Brothers, Inc conducts business and the real product that they build. Dispel the myth that Toll Brothers builds a quality home.
    If you live in a Toll community, please read your CC&R's carefully and demand that your homeowner association take Toll to task to fix all violations. Having Toll be financially responsible for their wrong doings would provide some justice.

    By Anonymous holleewd@cox.net, at 12/03/2007 7:47 PM  

  • I bought a Toll Brothers home in Dublin, Ohio, but I am not the original owner. The original owner bought the house but was transferred about a year after he closed on the house, so we essentially got a new house. Most of my neighbors tell horror stories about the Project Manager. My problem is my roof. After windy days, I find shingles blown off the roof. One of my neighbors told me that after a long fight with Toll Brothers he finally got them to replace the roof. Turns out a number of the houses had to have their houses re-roofed. They were either installed incorrectly or the shingles were bad, I can't get the full story. I have called Toll Brothers several times to complain but I get the run around. This week I had 5 sheets of shingles fall off the house, and the house down the street right now has about 15 sheets off all over the road and their yard from two different sections of their roof. Toll got run out of Ohio (left one subdivision with only a few houses done). The last Toll Brothers manager I called said the house was out of warranty (built in 1999, but it was 2007 when I called him) and their website says they have a 10 year warranty. He said "You are in a high wind area". I am not sure if we are in a high wind area or not, but if we are in a high wind area, then they should have put high wind shingles on. I did some research and if you are in a high wind area, there are specific shingles to be used, and you are supposed to apply more nails per shingle. The right product, properly installed, will withstand the wind. They basically blew me off (no pun intended) as fast as they could, rather than stand behind their product. I called my insurance company and they said the roof is too new to be doing this and they only would pay to replace each lost shingle, which would be below my deductible, so every time it happens I have to find a roofer who will go up on the roof and repair it, out of my own pocket.

    I am glad that is my only problem. A neighbor was having huge drainage problems and it turned out that Toll Brothers built a walk-out on a lot that had not been approved for a walk-out. To make it work they had excavated the back yard so much that water was flowing into it and right into their walk-out door into the finished basement. Another neighbor sprung a leak in the kitchen less than a month after they moved into their new house and it filled the basement while they were away. They had to move out and were out of the house for months.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/16/2008 3:58 PM  

  • Illinois, here--- northwest suburbs of Chicago. Toll developed a neighborhood on the site of a former nursery. They screwed up getting the utilities and infrastructure developed, and so house construction was delayed by 2+ years. Homes were built withpout electricity on site-- generators were used to keep the homes warm during the brutal chicago winter.Yet Toll was not forthcoming about the extent of the delays, and many of us sold our homes and left jobs too early, expecting to move in within a few months, only to find it was more like 6-12 months. Cost people lots of $$! other issues: Turnover of project managers and construction crew, numerous construction problems w/ individual houses, very slow response to fix problems, and lots of confusion among the ground crew because of mismanagement by the higher ups. Sloppy craftmanship--- every cabinet in our kitchen has dents or scratches, wood floor w/ many dents, every window or door trim piece had a gouge or nick requiring cosmetic work, sloppy painting on drywall. Most insultingly, shockingly cheap interior finishes were used. Very disappointed w/ the process and the end result, and I would never ever recommend this company to friends or family. I've owned many homes before (some brand new, some older), and have never seen the degree of plainness and cheapness and sloppy work that I see in this house. I have absolutely no idea at all why Toll considers itself the builder of luxury homes. Toll homes are anything but luxurious or stylish, and there is extremely poor oversight of the construction process and no QA to speak of.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/05/2008 3:06 PM  

  • Has anyone sold their land (zone approved or raw) to Toll for a Toll development? If so, could you provide some details regarding payout?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/09/2008 4:30 PM  

  • We live in Mizner Country Club in Florida, Delray, built by Toll and are very upset with the water leakage. Has anyone else had that kind of problem?

    By Anonymous Teri Fainberg, at 5/26/2008 9:00 PM  

  • I am a single mother of two small children and a widow. I was in contact to build and buy a house with Toll in Talyns Reach, Aurora, colorado. I was to close at the end of June. My house I was living in burnt down in Littleton, Colorado and the 2nd party I was going to purchase the house with walked out of the deal and was eventually convicted of domestic violence. Toll would not let me out of the deal and went as far as to say that if I did not follow through with the purchase of this home they would come after me for aditional monies. I had to purchase the home and use every penny I could come up with including the money from my contents and car which were lost in the house fire and sell all stocks and money market accounts I had available. I cannot live in this house one I own a futon and set of bunk beds and now have no money to purchase anything. I have it up for sale. Possibly looking at losing money on the deal as I rent a bedroom out of a town house just to have a roof over my childrens head. Toll cares nothing about its customers only a profit.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/17/2008 10:32 AM  

  • Beware the Toll. We bought a new construction condo over a year ago (signed their one sided air tight contract). We were told closing would be in February, and here we are in late August with no home. When it didn't happen in February, they said March, when it didn't happen in March, they said April, and on and on. I understand delays happen, but at this point it is absolutely ridiculous. We even have a closing letter whose guaranteed closing date came and went. That piece of paper was apparently useless. They are the king of excuses - the delays are always someone else's fault. They refuse to take responsibility for their own actions. We have been staying on a friend's couch b/c we sold our home last year and lease was up on apartment we were temporarily renting this year. Atrocious customer service all around with Toll Brothers, complete with lie after lie. Did I mention over $42K in closing costs in NYC for a one bedroom condo?!! Of course they lie and tell you it's $28K right before they make the sale. Once they get the sale, they could care less about their "customers". I mean "suckers". Here's a company that truly deserves the credit rating downgrade and all the financial loss as of late.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/19/2008 4:03 PM  

  • I am putting together a group of disgruntled Toll homeowners to go to the national media -- if you are willing to join the group, please contact me: AppleTom21@comcast.net Toll is vulnerable right now; let's put the greedy bastards out of business.

    By Blogger AppleTom, at 9/18/2008 2:26 PM  

  • Bunny - You are asking about people in AZ who are having problems with Toll. How can I get in touch with you?


    By Blogger nuhuxi, at 11/30/2008 10:54 AM  

  • I am currently in escrow on a Toll Bros home and wish that I had read this blog prior to signing. I have noticed significant deficiencies in their construction process and am trying to get my deposit money back.
    I expect a fight and would appreciate any input other Toll Bros customers might provide.

    Contact me at nuhuxi@gmail.com


    By Blogger nuhuxi, at 11/30/2008 11:04 AM  

  • Jim Cramer keeps pumping Toll Brothers on CNBC's show: Mad Money. Does he even research the company's products before he talks about it on TV?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/08/2008 12:53 AM  

  • We are in the process of having our home built by Toll Brothers. From day one we have had nothing but problems with them. As we expected there would be issues with the home buying process, but we are done at this point. We have been lied to by the sales team, and the structure of home has been compromised. We have pictures of one construction worker napping and two photos where the workers urinated in the home. We have written a letter telling them we wanted out as we listed the reasons. We got a letter back basiclly saying meet your end of the deal or we will get you for not filling out the TBI packet in a timely manor. The reason that was not filled out in time was because THEY FAILED to send it to us in a timely manor! We have not setteled yet and we dont want to. We did nothing wrong and we feel they will force us or make us pay for their mistakes. Urinating in someones home is sick! And all they could say is that urine in the home is not a reason to back out of the contract. We need help.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/10/2008 10:00 PM  

  • My family and I are relocating to FL. We were very impressed with the Toll Brothers development in Viera, FL. However, since I have read many comments on this blog, I am concerned. If we were to procure a home from Toll Brothers, other than fully understanding the contract, what other recommendations does anyone have?


    By Blogger New Buyer, at 1/01/2009 8:01 AM  

  • I live in a new Toll Bros partially finished condo complex in the northeast. This winter after snow and rain, with periods of thawing and refreezing, ice dams formed on the roofs causing leakage in basements and inside some units. Toll says they will make all repairs and correct some design and construction flaws. The board hired a professional engineer to evaluate the situation, and Toll says he went on "overkill" and they will not accept all of his recommendations.
    All we can do is wait and hope they will make proper corrections. There is much more negativity about toll on the internet than I could have imagined. The word of mouth around here is that Toll are good builders. I also hope that they will finish our community. Am trying to be optimistic as they are building other condo communities nearbye.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/24/2009 5:37 PM  

  • Anyone purchase a Toll Brothers home in the Clarksburg, MD area at the Adv Sub - The Meadows at Hurley Ridge? I am looking to get some feedback on quality, issues, complaints, or just anything that you could relay to me on your experience with the home you purchased?

    By Blogger Les, at 4/15/2009 5:21 PM  

  • Toll is evil and deceptive -stay a way! People are telling the truth! The farmer in Asbury sold his land for 12K per acre-project manager said house prices would never rise above 300K. Three months later Toll started selling at 325K. Used unskilled immigrant labor. Refused to install public water lines. Somehow township passed new regualtions for water storage (for fire trucks) 3 weeks after Toll sealed deal-some township officials were voted out of office after that. Superfund site @ 1 mile away from Valley Greene Estates, Asbury ,NJ. A shame-Bob T would never accept the shoddy workmanship on his own home. Oh yeah - a worker defecated in the second floor closet- Toll refused to replace the plywood (@$4 worth of wood) just said we will clean it up -you can replace it yourself. Lied about ability to obtain sink hole insurance-which are extremely common in Warren County. One house developed a sink hole ( during construction - at loeast it was fixed at no cost) and had so much concrete pumped in it that it wasn't going nowhere. A house that developes a sinkhole after the sale is closed is the homeowners responsibility. Before you buy take a ride around a recent community - and aswk about the quality of the home. Older homesites ( more than 10 years olod) do not have the original owners(who may have fixed the repairs themselves). Take a look at the corners of the brick houses and check for cracked bricks ( brick ledge was not put in). The oriented starnd board siding has about a 25 year life span( or so they think because it has only been around that long- once it gets wet it can disintergrate in a matter of weeks)but Toll wioll be more than happy to sell you a 30 year mortgage. Oh yeah - BOB - THANKS FOR TEH REAL ESTATE/ US ECEOMEY MELTDOWN. HOPE OBAMA GOES AFTER THE RICH WITHOUT A CONSCIENCE LIKE YOU AND YOUR CREW.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/10/2009 11:31 AM  

  • Hello,

    I bought a house in NJ from Toll Bothers it's now been 1 1/2 years later and they give me the run around about my warenty request forms. I am sick and tired of chasing them to fix my house.
    I have wood floos and they sound like they are about to pop out.. Missing window screens , half inch cracks in the basement floors, Rotten watrer, Fireplace coming apart, grout needs to be done in all bahtrooms,
    I have a huge dirt mound in my land mouch more

    By Blogger Weaklinks, at 6/06/2009 5:34 PM  

  • I am in Central Texas and have noticed some issues with wood rot behind stucco walls. I have also seen sustantial strutural damage from poor waterproofing and flashing techniques on upper decks covering patios. Does anyone else in the Austin area have problems?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/07/2009 1:22 PM  

  • I bought a Toll Brothers house in Phoenix. We have been through 5 different warranty guys and now the director of warranty is covering the entire state. I submitted our one year list before the warranty expired back in April and still have 2 open items in September. The director came to my house said he was going to "look into the issues" and went non-responsive. When I finally tracked him down he said "he was busy". Now he is telling me if I want to determine if the master shower pan is leaking I need to pay for a plumber and have it tested myself. They also won't provide me with the plans to my house to show me if a light fixture is in the right location.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/22/2009 4:43 PM  

  • Please View & Send This Link To Everyone To Help Us!!

    You Won't Believe.....


    What Would You Do If It Happened To You?

    Please, Please write to Robert Toll, President of Toll Brothers, &

    TELL Him What You Think Of Toll Brothers!!


    Watch You Tube



    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/10/2009 11:15 PM  

  • Toll brothers homes are the cheapeast homes built. They hire the lowest bidder with the least experience to build their homes. Absolutely no quality in their homes.
    Their base homes have absolutely NO LUXURY in them. You need to spend $100K+ on top of the base price to make them functional...
    The only good note is that "new" project manager has fixed 90% of the issues...
    We will still NEVER buy a Toll home again.

    Northeastern PA

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/18/2010 12:42 PM  

  • Welcome to the world of owning a Toll Brothers Home. And our Government that allows them to get away with this type of behavior. As long as our courts and government is going to permit it there is nothing we can do but hope that anyone that has read our story's stays away from them and finds a handyman special to buy. It would be cheaper in the long run.
    Next home Handyman special for me. It most likely will have a much better life span.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/24/2010 12:52 AM  

  • Any stories (good or bad) in NY? I was very interested in a Toll home in Dutchess County...having second (and third and fourth) thoughts now!

    email me- orlasttoy@hotmail.com


    By Blogger Orlando, at 3/07/2010 12:31 AM  

  • I am in Mesa, Arizona and have owned my Toll Brothers home for ten years. My job requires me to travel so I only get home on weekends. Therefore, I have not given this matter the attention it deservers. Over several years there have been problems with wood rot behind stucco walls, exterior paint chipping away from the structure, and my duel pane windows have fogged” Is it too late to do anything about these problems (with the builder) as they have only gotten worse over the years. Does anyone else in the Mesa, Arizona area have similar problems? Are you aware of any class action law suits that are pending in Arizona against Toll Brothers? renonavarette@veoliatransportation.com

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/12/2010 6:45 PM  

  • Bought a Toll Brothers home in 2005.....it was so badly constructed that they are still working to repair major structural defects.

    The problem is simple...Toll is not a home builder. They are a finance company.

    They do not care about quality...it is about the bottom line...period.

    I have resigned myself to working everyday to resolve the issues in my house. The truth on Toll is slowly getting out in this part of their world ( NE ) .

    The simple solution is DO NOT CONTRACT FOR A TOLL BUILT HOUSE.

    It just is not worth the pain...no way, no how.

    I bought my home because of the property....Toll was able to get their hands on one of the last pieces of land on a Bay. I knew Toll built low quality homes but felt I could "manage their subcontractors" on a daily basis as a retired individual...wrong...you can not manage incompetience.

    Best advice is to steer clear of all national builders if you can.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/16/2010 8:10 AM  

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